So far we’ve looked at skincare in your 20’s, 30’s. Next up – skincare in your 40’s. As this decade starts, your skin won’t recover from environmental and lifestyle factors (such as lack of sleep, long working hours) as it did in your 30’s and 20’s. Your skin is at its best when your oestrogen levels are high and when the levels of this hormone starts to decrease, you can expect the loss of the luminosity and also loss of collagen. Collagen is responsible for keeping our skin plump and smooth. As its levels deplete, skin begins to sag and lines start to show.

The good news is that there are strategies and routines that you can implement in your daily life that will help boost your skin’s repair. Read on to find out our skincare tips for beautiful and glowing skin in your 40’s.

The very first tip – take a good look at your current skincare products and evaluate whether they are performing the way you want them to. Perhaps it’s worth getting a consultation with your beauty therapist and get their advice on the skincare products you are using currently and whether they are most suitable for your skin.

The main thing you’ll be combating at this stage of your life when it comes to skincare is dryness, dull skin and wrinkles and lines becoming deeper. So your skincare routine should include cleansing, exfoliating, toning and using a good moisturiser.

Your 40’s will require you to spend more time on cleansing and also choosing a really nourishing cleanser. You want to make sure you don’t strip natural oils of your skin,  so a gentle cleanser is the best choice. Your skin needs more hydration and the ideal formulation for this would be a cleansing balm.

Even though a moisturiser is an essential skincare product for every decade, it’s important that in your 40’s you make sure that you are using a rich moisturiser that hydrates your thirsty skin and gives it that luminous appearance.

Now, even more than in your 30’s, your eyes will need more careful attention and care. You should start applying an eye serum to this delicate area as well as your eye moisturiser to keep it as hydrated as possible. Combine that with a healthy lifestyle choice of drinking plenty of water and getting a good night’s sleep.

Your lymphatic system is in charge of getting rid of toxins and by your 40’s, it’s starting to slow down. This is the reason you may notice more puffiness around your cheeks and eyes. Any time you cleanse or moisturise your skin, be sure to massage your skin.

A couple of treatments that we recommend for you in 40’s, being especially beneficial are Advanced Glow Facial and Enzyme Peel Facial. Advanced Glow Facial instantly brightens and revitalises skin’s complexion. It’s ideal for skin that looks a little dull. We also use a mask that lifts and smoothes skin, then a concentrated serum boosts and energises the complexion, leaving skin looking radiantly healthy.

Enzyme Peel Facial is an extremely powerful and highly effective facial is designed to boost cell regeneration and give an instantly smooth, radiant complexion. Rose Quartz crystals that we use in this facial help cool and calm, while a lifting and smoothing mask gives your skin a more plumped and firmer appearance.

If you would like to know more information on best treatments specifically for your skin type, please feel free to call us at 01342 301544 or email We are always here to advise on the best treatment for you.

Our main advice is to do your best to take care of your skin and give the best nourishment, but also remember that you can age beautifully. None of us will be young forever, but we can enjoy our life, laugh a lot and remember to give a little TLC so your skin is healthy and glowing.

Life in 30’s brings a whole new range of skin concerns that you should keep in mind and do your best to avoid. Kids, career moves, stress and hormonal swings are all challenges that can create a havoc on your skin. The skin doesn’t repair itself as good as it did in your 20’s, so it’s definitely a decade to up your skincare game and be more mindful about your decisions when it comes to taking a good care of your skin.

The main focus should be towards anti-ageing. Start using products that target fine lines, dark spots and any other signs of aging. Here are some habits that you can implement as well as products we recommend using to maintain a beautiful, youthful and radiant skin.


The eyes usually show the first signs of ageing. A very simple yet effective way to prevent fine lines and dark circles is drinking plenty of water. Properly hydrating your internal organs will have a positive impact on the health of your skin.

Skincare products

Cleansing daily is a must, so investing in a good quality daily cleanser that’s specific to your skin type is definitely a great idea. Just like in your 20’s – using the moisturiser is absolutely essential. Our advice is to find a moisturiser that hydrates your skin and addresses your specific skin concern whether it’s enlarged pores, fine lines or dull skin.

Absolutely invest in a well-formulated eye cream and be sure to use it daily. The eye ara has no oil glands, which is the reason it shows the signs of aging first. Apply it only to the orbital bone around your eyes.   “

Up your skincare game and use masks and peels to fight uneven skin tone, dryness and increased sensitivity. Peels or masks are a great step to include in your weekly skincare routine. As an additional step, we also suggest that you include retinol in your skincare routine. It’s known as vitamin A and contains ingredients that helps boost cell regeneration, reduce blemishes and target signs of aging. In general, opt for products that are vitamin rich which will help maintain skin’s strengths and elasticity. Vitamin C is also a powerful antioxidant and Vitamin E helps replenish your skin.

In your 30’s cell metabolism starts slowing down, which means that cells aren’t replacing themselves as regularly as they used to, so a gentle exfoliation is also recommended.


Specifically for this age group, we recommend Advanced Glow Facial and Enzyme Peel facial. Instantly brighten and revitalise the complexion with the powerful and highly effective facial – Advance Glow Facial. This tailored treatment is ideal for skin that looks a little dull. A Mulberry, Bearberry and Liquorice treatment mask refines and instantly revitalises a dull, tired complexion followed by a soothing massage using Rose Quartz Crystals to cool skin while enhancing tone. A second mask then helps lift and smooth skin before a concentrated serum boosts and energises the complexion, leaving skin supple and looking radiantly healthy.

Advanced Enzyme Peel is an extremely powerful and highly effective facial that is designed to boost cell regeneration and give an instantly smooth, radiant complexion. A deep brush cleanse is followed by an intense Enzyme Peel containing botanical extracts and Pumpkin Enzymes to deeply exfoliate and remove dead skin cells. After a soothing massage using Rose Quartz Crystals to help cool and calm, a Lifting and Smoothing Mask is applied, containing concentrated Seaweed Extracts, Argan Oil and Menthol, to give your skin a more plumped and firmer appearance.

If you would like to have more information on specific products that we recommend specifically for your skin type as well as what treatments would work best for you, please book our free skin analysis consultation and we’ll be able to give you our best advice.

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