What is Feminine Rejuvenation?

Our bodies constantly undergo physical change – whether we are in your twenties or sixties. Ageing is a part of our life and the first signs will show in wrinkles, loss of collagen and elastin – all changes that happen through our skin. We all know and expect these changes, however, it doesn’t make them any more pleasant or wanted. Luckily, there are non-invasive treatment options available for those who wish to make a difference in looking and feeling younger taking a proactive approach to physical ageing.

New treatment by Dr Santhosh

We are beyond excited to be launching a brand new treatment at Enhance from this September – Feminine Rejuvenation by our one and only wonderful Dr Santhosh. As a GP interested in women’s health, our Dr. Santosh sees a lot of women suffer from issues ‘down below’. This could be due to childbirth, menopause or just natural ageing. We’ve answered some of the most frequently asked questions about the procedure.

What is Votiva?
It is the latest and most innovative technology on the market for feminine rejuvenation. Votiva is a treatment that works to help provide rejuvenation to both external and internal vaginal issues, all without the need for surgery. The procedure last up to 30 minutes, which is an amazing benefit comparing to surgery.

How does it work?
Radiofrequency  energy has been used  successfully for years on the skin to lift  firm and tighten. It delivers controlled energy to break up the collagen and stimulate the re synthesis thus improving the strength and firmness of the tissue. Votiva is a new treatment  which uses this principle to deliver radiofrequency energy and thus improve the laxity and thus strength of the vaginal wall. This treatment is extremely versatile in treating a variety of concerns and is valuable for women in different stages of life. Dr Santhosh will meet with you prior to treatment to check eligibility and discuss your specific concerns to create a personalized treatment plan that you feel great about.

Who can benefit from this treatment?
-Women wanting to boost already healthy sexual life
-If you are experiencing low levels of sexual interest
-You have low pelvic floor strength or muscle tone & elasticity
-If your blood flow is low
-Experience low sensitive
-You have pain (in cases, where other medical causes have been excluded)

How soon can I see results?
It offers immediate results which continue to improve  over time.

Is this procedure painful?
The laser energy that emits the heat does not cause any pain, therefore the procedure is painless and non invasive with no down time. You can expect to feel a warming sensation during each Votiva session.

How long does it take?
The treatment will be administered after comprehensive history taking and assessing the eligibility. It does not take more than 30 minutes.

How often do I need it?
One treatment gives good results but it can be reinforced by regularly treatments every year or sooner.

What’s the aftercare?
Treated area will heal over the next few days after the procedure. You must avoid hot baths and sexual contact for 72 hours.

How do I know that this treatment is right for me?
Votiva treatment can provide great results for those who have been through menopause, women who have given birth or anyone who is experiencing symptoms such as low pelvic floor strength, low blood flow, low sensitivity and low levels of sexual interest.

What’s the price of the treatment?
It is £700 for a single treatment.

This is an advanced treatment that leaves a great positive impact on a woman’s feminine health as well as overall quality of life. The treatment itself is quick and comfortable and it offers immediate results, with continued improvement over time.

Should you have any more questions or would like to book your consultation, please speak to reception (call 01342 301544 or email reception@enhanceyou.co.uk). We are here to answer all of your questions or concerns.

To find out more about this treatment and also meet Dr Santhosh fora consultation, Come & join us on the 6th September 2018 at 6pm-8pm at Enhance. We’ll be celebrating the launch for your feminine health, introducing this new and exciting treatment.

Event offers for one night only –

Free consultations (require booking)
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Why is it so important to only go to salons that follow hygiene regulations?

Attention to detail when it comes to hygiene and infection control is a very essential part of delivering quality treatments. Infections caught due to the lack of hygiene during beauty treatments are rare, however, there is a potential of cross infection if the salon doesn’t take hygiene regulations seriously.

Here are the potential health risks and the reasons why hygiene should be taken extremely seriously:
– Bacteria. It’s is essential that the risk of creating bacteria is reduced at any salon and make sure that nothing is left that could potentially encourage the bacteria to breed. Bacteria can multiply rapidly and release toxins which can then lead to infections.
– Viruses. Viruses is an even more serious concern in beauty treatments as they are highly infectious and could lead to Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS which are much more serious diseases that are much harder to treat.
– Fungal infections.

What do you need to look out for? 

We all like to go to a salon to relax, be taken taken care of and forget all of our worries. Once you’ve found a beauty salon that you trust and feel like they work at very high standards – you can definitely feel more relax and don’t have to be alert about the way they carry out the beauty treatments. However, if it’s a new salon that you’ve only just started going to, we definitely recommend to look out for certain things that will help you determine whether this salon is the best choice for you and your health.

Here are some treatments that should be carried out keeping these hygiene procedures in mind

Manicures & Pedicures:
-Making sure that all equipment is sterile – Barbicide is the industry leader in disinfection for salons. This professional concentrate enables simple yet effective hygiene for all tools used in manicures and pedicures. Pedicure stations should have disposable liners that are used for soaking your feet. Nail clips and cuticle pushers are made of steel, so they can be put into steriliser. Nail files must be disinfected every time they are used. Every hygiene conscious salon will also make sure that they don’t overuse the tools for treatments, so they look fresh and still perform to the possible highest standard.

It’s very important that the spatulas used to apply the wax are disposable and there is no double-dipping into the wax. Your therapist should also always wear gloves during your waxing treatment. After the waxing is done, your therapist will use a gel that cools down your skin and helps it not get irritated.

Couch that you lay on should either have fresh towels or be discovered with disposable paper sheets and therapist should always wash hands right before starting your treatment.

Aesthetics treatments:
All aesthetics treatments should be carried out in a purpose built clinical room that follows all regulations. Gloves must be used on all treatments. When it comes to laser hair removal treatments, you should always wear glasses to protect your eyes from the harsh light.

Staff cleanliness:
All members of staff must maintain a high standard of personal hygiene and cleanliness. This includes well trimmed nails, long hair tied back, minimal jewellery, clean uniforms with short sleeves, disposable gloves used whenever applicable (and replaced after each client), any cuts covered.

Hygiene at Enhance 

One of our core values here at Enhance is to maintain a workspace environment at a very high hygienic standard. We take all health & safety and hygiene requirements very seriously and make sure that smooth running of these is a part of our daily routine. These include:
– All surfaces being sanitised daily.
– All sterilising equipment is up to date.
– All floors and equipment are capable of being cleaned easily.
– Washing facilities are available in every treatment room with hot and cold water. This is essential to enable our therapists to wash hands between each clients. These are designed to be as close to the working area as possible.
– We have adequate storage space for all of our tools, equipment and products.
– We use separate disposal facilities and procedures for general waste and waste contaminated with human tissue, body fluids or sharps.

Hygiene is especially imperative when it comes to aesthetics treatments. Apart from the beauty treatments, we are also very proud to offer aesthetics treatments carried out by our wonderful Dr Santhosh and our laser practitioner Claire who both are qualified and have been in the industry for many years. All of our aesthetics treatments are carried out in our clinical room that has all the necessary equipment and follows all clinical hygiene regulations.

When greeting new clients to our salon, we always take time to get to know them and be aware of any health conditions to make sure that we carry out treatments without no risk to the particular client as well as any other clients. We do not offer treatments to any client who shows signs of an infectious condition. In such case we would discreetly explain why we are not able to carry out the treatment and encourage to seek medical advice to treat the issue.

Keeping on top of our salon hygiene is one of our most important tasks and we make sure to comply with all the necessary regulations. Know that you are taken care by educated professionals that put your comfort, health and trust first.

If you are ever not sure about the hygiene procedures that are carried out for your treatment, always be sure to ask your therapist. And as always – should you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail us at reception@enhanceyou.co.uk or call us at 01342 301544. We are always here to help and assist you.

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