Laser and Advanced Therapy Treatments
Hair Removal
(Alexandrite/ND.Yag Laser)
Excess or unwanted hair is a problem that affects both men and women. Most people spend years using up both time and money on waxing, plucking or shaving. The results simply don’t last long enough and can also be followed by ingrown hairs or painful rashes. Here at Enhance Aesthetics & Beauty we offer laser technology using the amazing Cynosure Elite (an advanced and medical graded machine) to effectively treat areas of unwanted hair and prevent hair growth (reducing or even eliminating the need to shave, pluck or wax)

How many sessions will I need?

The number of sessions needed will vary depending on the area being treated, and how quickly and effectively your body reacts to the laser treatment. As a general rule we say that 6-8 sessions are recommended to be had at 4-6 week intervals.

What do I need to expect from my Consultation?
All treatment starts with a consultation and patch test with our specialist. She will be able to look at the area and give you more detail including how it works, what results to expect and how many sessions you will need. Before your consultation make sure to allow any hair to grow slightly. Once you test patch has been done, your treatment can be booked from a few days later.

What is the difference between IPL and Advanced Laser?
The key difference between the two treatments is the IPL uses a broad spectrum of high intensity light, which is emitted at multiple wavelengths, whereas laser emits a single, focused and precise wavelength that’s optimised for maximum follicle absorption.

Face – £100
Upper Lip – £40
Chin – £60
Underarms – £60.00
Nipples – £40
Half Arm – £80
Bikini Line/Brazilian/Hollywood – £60/£80/£100
Half Leg/Full Leg – £150/£250.00
Naval Line – £40
Peri-anal – £40
Face – £120
Ears – £40
Chest – £130
Back – £130
Half Arm – £100
Fingers – £40
Full Leg – £280
On all of our laser treatments we offer a course of 6 but you will only pay for 4. For example Full leg is £1500 but you only pay £1000.

(IPL or Alexandrite)
Brown patches on the skin are generally caused by sun damage. Our Laser practitioner can easily treat this for you. You will have a thorough consultation, when the science behind the treatment can be explained in detail and you can voice any concerns. The skin underneath can be slightly pink but within a few weeks it will appear normal without the dark patch. Depending on the individual, 2 or 3 treatments are recommended. Our practitioner will advise you of the best way forward for you.
Will there be any side effects?
After treatment, the area will be temporarily darker, and a crust will then form on the skin which must be allowed to fall off without help!
What do I need to expect from my first treatment/consultation?
A thorough consultation and patch test will be offered by our practitioner during which she will discuss all aspects of the treatment ranging from how it works, how many sessions will be required and what the potential side effects are. Treatment can be booked 24 hours later.
Deep brown marks tend to respond best to treatment compared to lighter marks. Price of treatment very much depends on the size, colour and location of the area.
Patch Test £20
Sun Damage & Pigmentation from £50

Thread Vein Removal
(IPL or ND.Yag Laser)
Laser Thread Vein removal is the most effective treatment currently available for removing Facial Thread Veins. It is a quick and easy treatment. Typically, it takes 20-30 mins and most facial thread veins can be removed in just 2-3 treatment sessions. We used IPL or Laser to effectively treat vessels on the cheeks and nose. This can also be combined for some clients with one or two sessions of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy to remove any background redness and flushing.
What do I need to expect from my Consultation?
Your practitioner will start off with some general questions about your skin and then the expected results, number of sessions required, potential side-effects and costs will all be discussed with you in full. You will then need to have a patch test and treatment can be booked from a few days later.
What should I expect after my treatment?
You may appear slightly red and flushed soon after your treatment, however these usually subside after a few hours. We also recommend avoiding the use of makeup directly after treatment, as your skin will be slightly tender. High factor sunscreen is essential if going in any sun. Thread veins on the leg can sometimes respond well to treatment. This decision can be made at your consultation.
Patch Test £20
Treatment from £50

Laser Tattoo Removal
(Q-Switched Laser)
Using a specially designed high power Q-Switched Nd:Yag system that has been developed for the sole purpose of laser tattoo removal. The laser works by destroying the pigment using a specific wavelength of light specific to that colour.
How many treatments will be required and how much will it cost?
The number of sessions and cost very much depends on the tattoo size, location, colour and your skin type. Multiple sessions are needed and some colours are easier to treat than others. This will all be discussed at your initial consultation.
Patch Test £20
Treatment from £40

Dermaroller stimulates the skin’s collagen to regenerate and repair itself naturally and safely, creating smoother, brighter, healthier and younger-looking skin. It can break down scar tissue and stretch marks successfully as well as tightening and firming older skin.
Your practitioner will use a device to produce thousands of micro-medical needle-columns into the skin. Each column will penetrate the dermis of the skin and close rapidly enabling the skin to recover quickly. Anaesthetic numbing cream will be applied to the skin around 30 mins prior to treatment.
(On average, a minimum of 2-3 sessions done once every 6 weeks is necessary to achieve optimum results)
Single Treatment £150
Course of 3 (Recommended) £380

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