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semi-permanent brow tattoo

Olivia Golton is our self employed brow tattooist who can design the perfect set of brows for you. With three years of experience she can offer Ombré Brows and Microblading.

Microblading (2 sessions 4-6 week apart) £150 per session

£300 all together

Microblading Colour Boost


Ombré  Brows (2 sessions 4-6 weeks apart) £150 per session

£300 all together

Ombre Brow Colour Boost


The more significant difference between the two eyebrow styling techniques is how the pigment is added to the skin. Both (microblading and ombré shading) are semi-permanent, but microblading is making short hair-like strokes. Ombré brows are a series of many fine dots that vary in concentration, giving the look of a powdered brow."

An important factor to note is that microblading does not work for all skin types. Microblading is not great for oily skin as the colour does not show up effectively and can look blurry. Natural oils can also prevent the brows from healing properly. 

There are certain things you should pay attention to before you get tattooed eyebrows:

  • Stop using retinol or Vitamin A products one month prior to the treatment

  • Avoid tanning, and working out 7 days before the treatment.

  • Avoid products with retinol, botox, and facials at least a month before the treatment.

  • Don’t drink alcohol and caffeine 24h before the treatment, to prevent excess bleeding.

  • Don’t pluck or wax your eyebrows at least a week prior to the treatment

There are certain things you should pay attention to after you get tattooed eyebrows:

  • Keep The Area Clean: Avoid touching the tattooed area with dirty hands, and gently use mild soap and water to clean the area.

  • Keep It Dry: Avoid getting the tattooed area wet for the first few days after the procedure. Also, avoid swimming, saunas, or other activities that cause excessive sweating.

  • Wipe with cool boiled water with cotton pads the evening of the day of the appointment, the second day morning and the second day evening to avoid a thick scab. 

  • Do not pick the scabs or you risk effecting the pigment retention.

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